Street Angels UK

We have sent a Tescos gift card and all items have been purchased of wish list, updates will follow up towards end of week.

Thank you 🙏

We have aAppeal for a lady and her son who are struggling, this lady messaged me weeks ago asking for help with a. Food bank referral and some clothes for her son, we were promised clothing by many and no one sent them even though I provided her address, Martina also tried to get hold of some to send but didn’t manage to get any xxl sizes donated.

This lady has asked me again this evening if we have been able to help and I explained I am unwell and will get on to it, she didn’t want to feel a burden which made me feel guilty as she has waited for ages now.

So I have created a wish list for her son who is a xxl and huge feet at the age of 14, I was shocked I didn’t believe it until I saw the photo.

So I’ve created a wish list and with clothing added be adding food to it also. We are also raising funds tonogfcshe r some if the clothing and to hopefully send some shopping to them as they are struggling g very very bad. This lady emailed me on numerous occasions but I’ve always been so busy.

Please help if you can both links are below

Every single pound helps, if you choose to purchase via wish list remember to select the gift registry address at checkout which enables the item you gift to go directly to the recipient…

Thanking you all in advance 🙏