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Todays outreach was more intense than our Christmas outreach, with far more people in need than last month, we’ve heard some stories today about street link and Thames link that have shocked us, people still sleeping rough and left with no supplies, no money, unable to get jobs due to their housing needs, relying on benefits that are being stopped for some because of not attending interviews, how can someone with no home and no confidence who is unable to maintain person hygiene attend a interview?
We thank everyone who supports us and helps us make the positive difference to a very small minority of the population who are left homeless and stuck in a broken system.

I wish we could do more, praying for a positive change 🙏

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Our Christmas outreach for 2023 was absolutely beautiful, hot Christmas meals with meat lots of vegetarian pizzas and garlic bread, we handed out all things Christmas (well the best we could for vulnerable people) including greggs gift cards, sleeping bags, winter packs, tents because people need them We were also joined by Resole who did what they do best and provided every single person with a fresh pair of trainers. lots of pre-made bags for those that have hostels, bedsit a, we’re in need of food essentials, winter bags Everyone really made it happen, loving the fact all of us groups came together and brought another special outreach to the table.

It was extremely busy, all volunteers stated they haven’t seen the line that long in a very long time, maybe even before lockdown.

Again we thank YOU the public, our beautiful supporters who have blessed us with your support for so many years, again let’s go back to something that stuck in my head that our lovely Jo porter said a few years ago “you may need to register as a charity as the public won’t always be able to help”, I remember those words like they were yesterday and I remember thinking Jo couldn’t be more wrong because I had faith, I believed that our supporters were from the heart and again I’m so glad I can say it I WAS RIGHT, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT, wishing you all a wonderful festive season 🎄❤️

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Yesterday we spent the day making all the winter bags for those who unfortunately are sleeping on the streets in these awful weather conditions, each bag consisted off…
📌Neck warmer
📌Thermal socks
📌Foil blanket
📌Emergency Heat pack
📌shower gel
📌Lip balm

We shall be handing these bags out starting on the 10th of December at 10:30 am Agar street including sleeping bags and tents.
We will also be providing a bag of food provisions including snacks and a refreshment.

We also made 20 separate bags for the young men at the youth football club that we previously helped with football boots.
These bags consisted off
📌neck warmer

Thank you all for your support 🙏

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Huge delivery of refreshments for our outreaches have arrived and more to come Thanks to our sponsor charlie ward and his team who has helped us stock up for the next few months 🙏

Thank you all for your kindness ❤️

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This is Martin. He has just bought 50 tokens tonight to FEED THE HOMELESS. 🙏👏

We work with @streetangelzuk to carry out feeds. One yellow token costs £10. Our target is 100, and we now have 64 sold. Purchase one the next time you are in.

This feed is additional to the two we provide at Easter and Christmas. Please get involved and help the people on our streets to have a hot meal.

We can all make a difference ❤️


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We have reached 100 books.

This has been absolutely beautiful, thank you all.

Today our sponsor charlie ward funded the rest of the winter supplies & drinks and 100 selection boxes for one of our Christmas outreaches.

We also purchased hand warmers and some more books.

We will however need some more selection boxes for December Christmas parties for those in need and families who are attending.

We have ordered 100 of them directly from cadburys for £112 exc delivery which makes it £1.12 a selection box but the decent one

Anyone wishing to contribute £1.12 towards one we would appreciate it.

Just so happy that we have nearly all items needed for this winter.

So we will now remove not needed items

To contribute towards selection boxes the link is below

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We have sent a Tescos gift card and all items have been purchased of wish list, updates will follow up towards end of week.

Thank you 🙏

We have aAppeal for a lady and her son who are struggling, this lady messaged me weeks ago asking for help with a. Food bank referral and some clothes for her son, we were promised clothing by many and no one sent them even though I provided her address, Martina also tried to get hold of some to send but didn’t manage to get any xxl sizes donated.

This lady has asked me again this evening if we have been able to help and I explained I am unwell and will get on to it, she didn’t want to feel a burden which made me feel guilty as she has waited for ages now.

So I have created a wish list for her son who is a xxl and huge feet at the age of 14, I was shocked I didn’t believe it until I saw the photo.

So I’ve created a wish list and with clothing added be adding food to it also. We are also raising funds tonogfcshe r some if the clothing and to hopefully send some shopping to them as they are struggling g very very bad. This lady emailed me on numerous occasions but I’ve always been so busy.

Please help if you can both links are below

Every single pound helps, if you choose to purchase via wish list remember to select the gift registry address at checkout which enables the item you gift to go directly to the recipient…

Thanking you all in advance 🙏

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Good morning from John and Thank you all for your help, for those of you that are not up to date, John is the 65 year old Vetran I met in Great Yarmouth sleeping in a tent, whilst on a half term break with my children, with your help we purchased clothes, food and a train ticket so that John could travel up to Stoke on Trent and start a new life off the streets and into the farm that we have been planning on providing living spaces and helping homeless veterans with Maria and Jane dark.

This is what John is waking up to this morning not from a tent but from a very warm caravan, Maria and her husband also live on this farm along with another Vetran.

This is beautiful.

Thank you all for helping 🥰

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HUGEEEEE THANK YOU goes to this amazing business Matt Richards Computer Solutions for he’s very generous donation of a desktop computer for us to use Women At The Well Of Living Waters centre for the help we provide to families and rough sleepers.

Thank you so much 🙏

Please please please support this amazing business by liking he’s page and sharing this post 🫶

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Today has been super busy, we collected the pc, my neighbour who is now volunteering with us helped set up the Women At The Well Of Living Waters centre ready for tomorrow mornings feed, and we had a lovely visit from Zoe who contributed furniture and essentials towards helping a family in need 🙏

We are super set for tomorrow. Just make your way down to Women At The well community centre, Tottenham. Post code: N17 8DP.

In Collaboration with women at the well ; we provide home made hot meals, hot drinks, clothes for a change and to keep them warm, create an immediate family for them to talk to. Above all, we do it every Saturday, 9am to 12pm. Please note that all our service and community outreaches are FREE OF CHARGE.

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