Street Angels UK

We’ve purchased some materials and you have helped by purchasing some of the materials we have paid for 20 of them to be made.
Our rough sleepers who attend our feeds have been asking us for one of our T-shirts.
Would you all kindly purchase a T-shirt for £4 so we can hand one to our rough sleepers at our next outreach?
All your help is highly appreciated
To buy a tshirt at £4 the link is below, or to help by purchasing the materials needed the wish list is also below.
We still need

2 white vinyls
6 glitter
80 t shirts

They cost £4 each to be made (if we provide the materials) , please help if you can 🙏

Also people have been asking to purchase one so here is what we have decided so currently we are trying to make 100 of them for rough sleepers that come to our outreach for food and help, we are asking people to either purchase the materials needed or to contribute £4 towards a tshirt print once we have the materials we make them, yesterday we managed to raise enough for 20 T-shirts and order the materials for a few more than 20. Once we have hit target we will then be offering our supporters like yourself the opportunity to purchase one and with that purchase Another 1 will be donated to a Rough sleeper.