Street Angels UK

Our Christmas outreach for 2023 was absolutely beautiful, hot Christmas meals with meat lots of vegetarian pizzas and garlic bread, we handed out all things Christmas (well the best we could for vulnerable people) including greggs gift cards, sleeping bags, winter packs, tents because people need them We were also joined by Resole who did what they do best and provided every single person with a fresh pair of trainers. lots of pre-made bags for those that have hostels, bedsit a, we’re in need of food essentials, winter bags Everyone really made it happen, loving the fact all of us groups came together and brought another special outreach to the table.

It was extremely busy, all volunteers stated they haven’t seen the line that long in a very long time, maybe even before lockdown.

Again we thank YOU the public, our beautiful supporters who have blessed us with your support for so many years, again let’s go back to something that stuck in my head that our lovely Jo porter said a few years ago “you may need to register as a charity as the public won’t always be able to help”, I remember those words like they were yesterday and I remember thinking Jo couldn’t be more wrong because I had faith, I believed that our supporters were from the heart and again I’m so glad I can say it I WAS RIGHT, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT, wishing you all a wonderful festive season 🎄❤️