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Saw this and felt it so decided to share it with you, this is a very powerful message.
Please question your school about #pupilpremiumfunding schools do NOT mention that they receive £1,455 per primary school child and £1035 per secondary child a year for families that are on a low income receiving under £7,500 a year excluding benefits.
These are your entitlements and their isn’t enough out there for you to know, someone I know recently checkout out the government website the way we did back in the day for free school uniform grants, there was nothing available why? Because the schools not offer pupil premium and are paid the funds by the same government who used to offer free uniforms. The school uses it in other areas for “improvements” instead. Check it out read up on it, more awareness on pupil premium should be out there otherwise the schools will continue to take the piss and use the funds to make their school look good rather than really tackle struggling families needs. #pupilpremiumawareness should be a thing #disadvantagedchildren