Street Angels UK

the amazing team members from street angelz uk and KSMY Seva Trust UK got together and fed rough sleepers in central london, there were less than expected due to lots of Chinese new year celebrations that were happening around central london and lots of food been handed out but the amazing ladies at ksmy drove to ilford and delivered all leftovers to a homeless shelter for others in need.

The teamwork really brought me to tears yesterday morning whilst driving Angelo to the hospital at 6am I rang katan from KSMY explaining the situation and he told me to leave it to him that he would get the car collected and the outreach will go ahead without a problem, so the next step was to organise for Francis to collect the openly from me and go collect the food for 9:30 which she did together with George, they then delivered it back to the car which was outside my house and the lovey Rups and Dipti from ksmy drove the car down to the strand.

The day before Andri and Georgia had some news which made getting the bags they pre prepared difficult to get to the strand so my lovely mum went early Sunday morning and collected the items and drove to the strand again to make sure everything still went ahead.

I sent the team a long message via our group chat telling them what’s going to be needed from everyone so everything goes ahead and they really made it work and pulled it off.

I had a young man we recently put into a hostel expected to come down and collect clothes and trainers we collected for him and again the team were able to follow the instructions making sure the right items went to him.

We did a live video whilst I sat outside of the hospital and it really and end so emotional seeing what a beautiful team I have who really made it work and one team member my lovely Francis stay with me at the hospital after she collected the food.

Thank you team, Thank you for coming together and making it happen, I Love you all ❤️

Thank you to all our supporters who contributed towards all the meals and thank you to welcome Chinese Walthamstow for going all out and even providing us with containers towards another outreach.

Thank you all for everything 🙏