Street Angels UK

Thank you to everyone who helped us help the three families this weekend, this is a photo that was sent to us by one of the mothers we helped, still awaiting photos from other two and will update you.
We are only providing food bank referrals for families next week as we are all extremely busy with our other commitments.
Thank you all 🙏

Thank you from the lady who needed our help today in getting to a refugee and some food shopping.
Thank you to everyone who helped 🙏

Some great news from one of the families we helped last week, this family were being evicted, this lady was working her arse off struggling to pay her mortgage and a payment plan in place when she fell behind then she fell behind again and was supposed to be repossessed she had no money for food or petrol for her Car, I personally helped with a cinema treat for her daughters 16th birthday and my amazing friend David who is from liverpool went and personally gave the family £100 to get some shopping, we also issued a food bank Referal which she collected start of this week, she went to the court filled in a form to represent her case and explain her circumstances and today she sent me the following message.
Absolutely love good news.
Let’s send this family our blessings, really hope things start getting better for them. 🙏