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This is a room one of the families we have helped are living in, one room without cooking facilities, this lady is having to go out to eat or feed her family microwave meals on a daily basis due to no cooking facilities in the building where they have given them a room to stay in, this leaves the family in financial difficulty because the expenses for eating out are far more than the income . She also has had to store some of their belongings in this room.

Today we shall be helping this family with the help you have given towards the meals for those we have helped who are living in situations like this, we were going to make the deliveries but because of the weather we shall be placing online orders for the ready made meals via Iceland, we shall […]

Below are photos of the Iceland shop delivered this morning with your contributions for the family we were helping yesterday. They also did a Morrisons shop with a £50 voucher we sent them during the day as their situation was desperate.

They also received an Amazon delivery and one of our wonderful supporters has also sent them some shopping which is due to arrive by 12 today. The power of social media and the way we all make a difference to others is beyond belief, Thank you to everyone who has made a positive impact in […]

Thank you to Tommy Anderson

Thank you to Tommy Anderson for his generous contribution of £150 towards the meals for our outreach tomorrow. Tommy also contributed sleeping bags, boxer shorts, socks and gloves. Thank you once again Tommy and wishing you a speedy recovery

THANK YOU to my beautiful friend Leighanna

THANK YOU to my beautiful friend Leighanna who cooked 41 of these jerk chicken rice and peas meals for our service users, every year leighanna and her boys cook for us or provide a treat for people we help in a firm of giving back when it’s one of their family members birthdays , Leighnana […]

Lady & 3 children

This lady has been Absolutely blow away by the amount of orders placed for this lady and 3 children, we did hope that we could help for a few months and you all did exactly that! Wow wow wow! We also helped with £150 Tescos vouchers so she could stock up on some food. Again […]


Thank you to everyone who contributed to help Darren who has just got his new property, deliveries have started arriving today, Thank you to Frank charles who runs Feed The Streetz for his generous donation and drop off for a food parcel which he has stated he will help with again next week. Thank you […]

Praying for a positive change!

Todays outreach was more intense than our Christmas outreach, with far more people in need than last month, we’ve heard some stories today about street link and Thames link that have shocked us, people still sleeping rough and left with no supplies, no money, unable to get jobs due to their housing needs, relying on […]

HELP THE HOMELESS CHRISTMAS OUTREACH , LONDON. Our Christmas outreach for 2023 was absolutely beautiful, hot Christmas meals with meat lots of vegetarian pizzas and garlic bread, we handed out all things Christmas (well the best we could for vulnerable people) including greggs gift cards, sleeping bags, winter packs, tents because people need them We were also joined by Resole […]